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Chatneau Isles

The Chatneau are a cluster of three islands to the east of Seaton that guard the way into Reyheller Gulf. They are a blasted heath of rocks and low scrub vegetation that is used primarily as a training camp by the Imperial Navy and Cerulean Army. The sides of the isles bear the scorch marks and craters where naval cannons have been fired at wooden targets set up on the slopes.   The smallest island, on the north-western side, is a mere spit of rock on which stands Skyhorn Lighthouse which warns shipping around Seaton of the rocks that lurk around the islands on the way into Reyheller Gulf.   Despite the presence of Imperial troops and the bombardment by trainee gunners, the island is home to a wide variety of seabirds that nest on the cliffs.

The Chatneau Isles by AnekaShu

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