Warthalkeel Ruins

Centuries ago, Warthalkeel was a settlement built on a seaside cliff of the Amber Coast. It is said that its people worshiped a kraken named Vaalastroth.   The kraken would visit the town once every decade, giving orders and taking treasure as tribute from the people before descending into the deep to slumber. The stories say that one day a priest of Procan visited Warthalkeel and persuaded the people to worship the god of the sea instead. When Vaalastroth next returned, the kraken was furious at the people's betrayal.   Vaalastroth broke the cliff beneath Warthalkeel, sending the town into the water. Rumours of hidden treasure and strange magic in the town's ruins sometimes attract explorers into the depths nearby.

Warthalkeel Ruins by Mateusz Michalski

5305 AtD

Founding Date
50th Century AtD
Location under

Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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