Pit of Golgur

The Pit of Golgur is a huge whirlpool some two miles across. The centre of the maelstrom is a massive open space that disappears down into the deepest depths of the sea with an incredible roar of air, water and sound.   The noise of the incredible sight can be heard from some ten miles away, and vessels and creatures that stray within three miles of the outer edge of the Pit risk being drawn into its inexorable grip. This makes travel into the bays around Ambercove risky to inexperienced captains.   No-one has ever ventured inside, though based on the diameter of the whirlpool, sages calculate that it may be several miles deep. What lies at its base cannot even be guessed at.   There are many fireside tales told of the Pit of Golgur. A particular favourite involves a lost vessel who's crew saw strange green lights flickering in the sky, and when they went to investigate they came across the Pit, from which was rising four great tentacles with barbed suckers. Of course this myth is usually put down as a fantasy brought on my too much Grog.

The Pit of Golgur by Photo Junction

Alternative Name(s)
The Pit, Captains' Bane
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