Mining town and source of the Kingfisher River.
Elry is a large and busy town on the eastern edge of the Collared Hills. It is a busy and metropolitan place, and the centre of the mining and prospecting industries in the area.   The Kingfisher River has it's source somewhere to the west of the town, and the shallow, fast-moving streams that pepper the hills feed into it, increasing it's breadth and depth. By the time it reaches the town it is wide and deep enough to allow rafts to be used to collect and transport ore and goods from the hills and from Koldor's Hold. A large portage area to the south, with a big man-made lake, is used to arrange the transport rafts.   Elry attracts a wide variety of people eager to try their luck in the hills and streams as they search for the seam or nugget that will make them rich. It can be a rough and tumble place, with a frontier-like atmosphere.   The majority of the populace are Hill Dwarves, who manage the transport of goods from Koldor's Hold to the wider world. There are also many Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings to be found here.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Baruk's is a large smithy in the town. Baruk Sharptooth is an unusual sight - a huge Carcharion, blind in one eye, he cuts and imposing and unusual figure. Despite his fearsome appearance, Baruk is a skilled smith and can produce goods of very high quality.   Constable's Manor
The high constable of Elry lives in this large stone building on the edges of the town. He is not well-liked by the populace, but does a good job of organising the protection for the various mining and prospecting companies of the region.   The Foolish Pick
The Pick is a large tavern. It is owned by a strange dwarf named Gratren Ashbringer. Most of the clientele are miners and prospectors from the area, and the place has a raucous atmosphere. The strangest thing about the tavern however is the large Beholder, named Kharto, that sits, chained, behind the bar.   Helda's Wholesale
Helda Grimmouth is the female dwarf proprietor of this large general store. The store is basically a huge warehouse and specialises in mining and prospecting equipment. It is normally a hive of activity.   Market Square
A small and neat square in the town serves as the general market place on weekdays. Rather than farmed and crafted produce however, the market of Elry is famed as a centre for the trading of ores and mined commodity contracts, which are often sold by the wagonload.   The Miners' Hold
The Miners' Hold is a large dwarven compound in the town that organises charters for prospecting in the region of the Collared Hills.   Talbot's Farm
A large farmstead is run by an extensive family of halflings. The main produce is wheat and pork.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places).

Elry by Klaus Pillon

Alternative Name(s)
Prospectors' Town
ca. 1,500
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