Balnoque Spine

The Balnoque Spine is a huge range of mountains that stretches along the western side of the lands around The Azure Sea, from the Fearwyd Weald in the south as far north as the hills around Farbarrow. It is some 700 miles in length and the highest elevation is around 4,800 metres (15,750 feet).   The western peaks are covered in permafrost, with an average temperature below -3°C.   The mountains cause a barrier to the rain clouds that have formed over The Azure Sea, meaning that the lands east of the peaks are very rainy, whilst those to the west are dry and brown.   Many creatures live in the mountains, including rumours of at least one or two Dragons, as well as myriad goblin tribes.   The Dwarves originate almost exclusively from the Spine, which they call Thrakraeth ("jagged teeth"). The centre of dwarven civilisation, Koldor's Hold, lies on the eastern side of the range, under the great peak known as Khogarlum.   Other geographical places of note within the Spine include White Plume Mountain, and the Godecier Pool, a huge deep black lake that sits in the centre of the southern peaks.   Brynnad, the silver Lady of Dragons is said to roost somewhere within the range.

The Balnoque Spine by Unknown

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