On the western edge of the Northern Reaches lies an area of bizarre terrain: shattered rubble is strewn across the landscape, between mounds of upturned earth and furrows of the sort one sees in the wake of trebuchet blows that miss their mark. Farther in from the perimeter of this blasted land lies a scattered mess of buildings, some relatively intact, others half-collapsed and leaning on their neighbours, surrounded by many collapsed mounds that used to be the homes of Halflings.   In the centre, rising above it all is a handful of twisted towers looking for all the world like talons clawing at the sky. These towers can be seen from a good distance, seemingly unharmed by the cataclysm that produced the damage around them. Indeed, because of their pristine condition, some folk conjecture that these towers must have been built after that event.   The truth of the place, now called the Dread Land, is something different altogether. Farbarrow was once the ancestral home of the Halflings, a pastoral landscape of verdant, quiet and peaceful life. At that time it was known as Farburrow. However, The Rise of the Dread King  changed everything.   That terrible event saw much of the Halfling race destroyed, and those that remained had to flee. It is said that Yondalla herself appeared to guide them south, out of danger, to the new lands in which they settled.   Behind them they left a place of utter devastation, a broken land, now haunted by ghosts and evil memories, at the centre of which stands the tower of The Dread King.   None now venture to Farbarrow. In the centre of the land The Dread King sits and plots, and none know his intent.  

Travel Distances

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Farbarrow by New Line Cinema

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The Dread Land
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Cover image: Badlands by Ted Nasmith


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