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The Spit

The stretch of water that leads into Salting Bay is treacherous. The thick fog that rolls through this region sends even the most steadily steered ships veering off course, as evidenced by the reefs and small rocky islands of The Spit being littered with broken hulls and lost souls.   A lighthouse, built at the tip of one of the larger islands that make up the reef of The Spit, does its best to secure access into the bay for those ships captains foolhardy enough to try the course.   The Spit is dangerous to navigate because the real dangers lie just under the surface of the rough ocean waters. The large jagged rocks that jut above the surface are just a warning, and many of the ships that have come to a bad end in these waters have done so after striking the sharp rocks that lie unseen beneath the waves.   The islands and rocks of The Spit are home to a diverse range of animals and plant life. Huge flocks of gulls and puffins make their homes here.

The Spit by Philipp Urlich

Alternative Name(s)
The Ships Graveyard, Panzuriel's Reef
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Cover image: Coast by Unknown


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