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Firewatch Island

Firewatch Island is a small island set out from the coast of a bay south of the village of Uskarn. Its only feature of note is the hermitage built on the site of the abandoned ruin of its old fortress.   The island is a mixture of scrubby woodland and rocky hills. Three stony peaks rise above the grass and shrubs. The tallest stands more than 400 feet high along the southern coast of the island, while the other two are 300 and 100 feet high respectively.   Aside from the hermits, the island is normally home to only vermin, rats, a variety of noisy birds, and various tide pool creatures. Recently the island has seen additional scavengers from the surrounding waters and the mainland drawn in to the rocky shores.   Firewatch Island was a naval port during the Great Pelagic War, but was abandoned after being destroyed by the Antarian Navy. The fortress on Firewatch Island was hastily built when first established, and the residents of the garrison were still working on it when they left.   Until five years ago the island remained remained abandoned. At that time, a minor order of monks, hermits, and contemplatives moved in and claimed the island as their home. The old garrison fort has been repaired and rebuilt as a place of peaceful living.

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