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Leger's Span

Shortly before the The Teraknian Augmentation   began, Emperor Teraknian Jehen ordered the construction of this huge bridge. He claimed it would better allow passage for the people of his Empire across the Stormbreaker Bight, but he surely had in mind the march of the Cerulean Army when it was so ordered.   A grand competition was run to see who would lead the design and construction of the bridge, and it was won by the gnomish inventor Wilni Leger, whose design evoked the might and majesty of the Empire.   The bridge is now in a slightly ramshackle state, and at the southern end stands a huge gated guard tower that protects the entrance to the borders of the Cerulean Empire. Despite it's current state of poor maintenance the fine stone and craftmanship used in its construction ensure it is a safe, if rather windy passage.   The bridge stands some 350 feet above the waters of the Bight below, and is almost two miles long!

Leger's Span by Unknown

Founding Date
5536 AtD
Parent Location

Cover image: Bridge by Sviatoslav Gerasimchuk


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