Copperlocks Mine

Dwarven prospectors have toiled in this new mine for the past three years following the discovery of veins of silver along the Tercana Bluffs, some 60 miles north of Saltmarsh.   Imperial soldiers from Keymouth are stationed here for security alongside dwarf fighters from the Copperlocks Clan, which has raised the hackles of some of the local citizens.   Ore from the mine is transported along the coast road, south to Saltmarsh where the processed ore is loaded onto trade ships bound for distant ports. The mine has been a fruitful endeavour so far, and has been found to be rich in iron, copper, and silver.   The new wealth it has generated has proven a boon to the fortunes of Saltmarsh, though there are those who worry that this new-found prosperity will change the nature of the fishing port, and some worry at the presence of soldiers of the Cerulean Empire.   The mine is surrounded by a small compound with several guard towers. Travellers in need of shelter can rest on cots in one of the guard towers, but only those with business related to the mine are allowed inside the compound gates without supervision.   There is a small tavern within the compound, the Miner's Respite. The miners like to spend their off hours there drinking, swapping tales, and gambling. The game of darts has reportedly become an obsession among the bored miners and soldiers at the tavern.

Copperlocks Mine by 1ntruder251

Founding Date
5783 AtD
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Cover image: Mine by Unknown


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