Drowned Forest

Fed by the waters of the Dunwater River, the Drowned Forest was once a verdant region. A few decades ago the marsh began to encroach on this area. As the water level rose, the forest was transformed into a more foreboding place.   Reports of strange creatures and ghost-lights began to surface while the water rotted away the trees themselves. In time, strange mushrooms and fungus sprouted throughout the woods.   Today, the Drowned Forest is one of the most dangerous locations in the more civilised parts of the region. The trees remain standing, but they long ago lost the majority of their foliage and are little more than dead, rotting timbers projecting out of the water and mud.   Mushrooms and other fungi sprout everywhere. A thick cloud of spores fills the air and blots out the sun, allowing the unnatural growths to flourish. The place is now generally avoided, and travellers hurry along the Great North Road where it passes close to the edges of the mire.

The Drowned Forest by Bicky

Wetland / Swamp
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Cover image: Swamp by Unknown


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