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Leger's Arm

Leger's Arm is a huge saltwater lake formed at the end of Stormbreaker Bight. It is some 40 square miles in size, and roughly rectangular in shape.   The lake is named for Wilni Leger, the gnomish designer of the huge bridge, Leger's Span, that dominates the northern end of the broad water.   The eastern and western banks of the Arm form the boundary of the Cerulean Territories, though the water itself is not officially under Imperial control.   The deep, briny water of the lake mean that it is home to many marine creatures, a relatively calm sanctuary from the crashing waters of the Bight. At nearly 800 feet at it's deepest point, the depths of the Arm are a place of utter darkness that remain a mystery, though there are many local folk tales about what may lurk in the darkness.

Leger's Arm by Roberto Nieto

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