Rel Grugkun

Rel Grugkun
A map of the orcish settlement of Rel Grugkun.
Rel Grugkun is by far the largest and best organised known settlement of orcs, despite it's relatively recent founding. Almost 20 years ago a young orc named Zhugan Ghoshbeg managed to unite the orcish tribes under the banner of the Ghoshbeg Rel, and he made his base here amongst the karsts and mesas of the northern Darview Fells.   Non-orcs are not permitted here, and indeed are likely to be slain on sight if the tales of the Dwarves are to believed. Zhugan Ghoshbeg rules with an iron fist from atop the Throne of Bones. Rel Grugkun is a place best avoided.  

Notable Features and Buildings

The Bone Hold
This huge edifice is crafted from tree-trunks with the hides of some gargantuan beasts tied across. Inside the Pale King, Zhugan Ghoshbeg sits atop the Throne of Bones, giving out the orders of the settlement and sending out raids to harry more civilised folk. The throne seems to be knitted together from the skeletal remains of some gigantic beast.   Circle of Gruumsh
This holy site in Rel Grugkun is formed from a natural circle of stones through which large blue crystals have grown. Sharog┬áthe Dark conducts her rituals here.   Duelling Grounds
A large flat area on a broad plateau in Rel Grugkun, the Duelling Grounds are used for the training of orc warriors and also for entertainment. Unfortunate slaves and prisoners may find themselves having to fight for their survival here whilst the orcish horde watches on baying for blood.   The Great Gate
The Great Gate to the town is well guarded by many orcs and wargs. At least 50 can be called on at a moments notice. There are probably safer ways to gain entry. The gate is a huge construction, some 50 feet in height, and operated by a gang of dwarven slaves who pull huge chains from inside the gatehouse.   Grugkun Settlement
This area of Rel Grugkun is set inside a verdant valley within the karsts and mountains of the orcish town. Here orcish families live in relative peace and bring up their young.   Rel Market
This chaotic market in Rel Grugkun is used for trade within the orc clan itself. Here the spoils of war and orcish raids can be found for sale.   Sharog's Hut
This small wooden hut is set apart from the other buildings in Rel Grugkun and is generally avoided by the superstitious orc clan members. It is the residence of Sharog┬áthe Dark, the orcish witch who advises Zhugan Ghoshbeg.  

Travel Distances

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Rel Grugkun by Leonardo a.C.

Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Orc Town.
Large town
ca. 2,500
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Owning Organization

Cover image: The Great Gate of Rel Grugkun by Dai Song


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