Winterhill Holt

Winterhill Holt is a small forest that sits in the foothills of the Balnoque Spine, the fork between the Drakenswift and Deep Beck.   The forest sits on a low series of hills that cover some 60 square miles, and due to a strange quirk of microclimate, the hills and forest are perpetually frozen and covered in a blanket of deep, soft snow.   The trees of Winterhill are widely spaced, and grow in small copses separated by areas of snow-covered open ground.   Despite the frigid air and frozen ground there are many signs of life here. Black squirrels hunt in the trees, and foxes and larger predators hunt the rabbits and fauns of the Holt. Huge, snow white owls glide silently in the dusk.

Winterhill Holt by Ivan Kozyrev

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Cover image: Forest by Unknown


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