The village of Dewhallow lies on the Kingfisher River where the waters of the Bitterbrook flow into the larger waterway. It is a small and quiet community of farmers and brewers.   The vast majority of the populace are humans, and they tend to view outsiders with suspicion, wary of their foreign ways and "dangerous ideas". They have a very traditional way of life, which they hold dear to their hearts, and do what they can to preserve it against the influence of the more populous regions of the coast.   Just east of Dewhallow the Kingfisher River widens into a broad, fast-flowing torrent. There is a small portage here where rafts that have poled their way here from Elry are unloaded, and the goods are loaded onto large riverboats instead.   Dewhallow is a very pretty village, and the buildings and white stone walls are covered in blooms of vibrant and varied colourful flowers that are grown in the nearby fields, close to the eaves of Bitterbloom Wood.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Craston's Mill
This large watermill on the Kingfisher River is constantly in use, grinding the grain from the nearby fields. It is also used to sluice water from the river for irrigation.   Elder's House
A large timber building painted a vivid green, this large compound is home to the Elders of the settlement.   The Hoppery
A large farm, the Hoppery grows the many large hops that are used in the brewing of the local ales.   The Hungry Briar
This modest tavern has a large stockade at the back for horses and carts. The hops used in its ale, Dewbrew, are grown locally. The tavern is always decorated with bright bouquets of flowers.   Lucent Square
Lucent Square is a modest town square in the village. It is unremarkable in all ways apart from two things. Firstly, it is always decorated with large and vibrant flowers of particularly vibrant colour taken from the nearby fields. Secondly, in the centre of the square is a large, slightly blue crystal that appears to be growing out of the ground to a height of some six feet.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places).

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