Dunwater River

The Dunwater River meanders its way from the Drowned Forest into The Azure Sea. It is a broad, slow-moving body of water, choked with reeds and too shallow in many spots to allow boats other than rafts to traverse it.   The Dunwater’s nature makes it an ideal stalking ground for bandits. Outlaws and monstrous creatures build temporary forts along the river, keeping a watch out for anyone trying to make their way along its length. Some gangs stretch chains across the water to impede the path of a boat or raft, leaving it vulnerable to an attack.   Somewhere along the river (accounts vary as to the exact location) stand the overgrown ruins of a tower that once housed an order of alchemists. The alchemists came to an explosive end when an experiment caused the tower’s upper level to explode and several vats of chemicals to burst and flood the tower’s basement. The resulting mixture attained a vague sentience, transforming into a great number of oozes that now plague the river.   The Great North Road crosses the Dunwater at a narrow, badly-maintained ford. It is common for trade wagons to become stuck in the muddy silt of the ford.

The Dunwater River by Lucas Staniec

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Cover image: River by Unknown


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