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A town at the edge of the Darwood.
Silverstand is a town that sits within the southern boughs of the Darwood. It is unusual in the Western Commonlands, for it is the only place in the area that Elves are known to have formed a settlement.   There are many Humans and Halflings that reside here too, but roughly 50% of the population remains Eldgach.   Consequently the architecture of the town is unique in the western shores. The centre of the town is dominated by the tall and beautiful tower of Corellon's Sanctuary, which is made from the same pearlescent stone as Antaros. The other building are no less wondrous however, and are mainly constructed from natural wood, sometimes utilising the living trunks and branches of the trees themselves.   Silverstand is also a major attraction for religious pilgrims. Folklore and myths speak of a magic well in the town where once a godly champion was summoned to fight an evil demon who kept the Darwood in his grasp. Ever since the well has been a place often visited, as apparently drinking water from the well can cure disease and give good luck. It is dedicated to the god Ralishaz.   The people of Silverstand often sell trinkets and other items regarding the mystic nature of the well at the town's central market, known as The Stand. Small necklaces resembling a well or vials of “well water” are sold for a hefty price to well-believing travellers.   Silverstand is ruled by a local assembly of important personages, and a new assembly is elected every four years. The town is guarded by a dozen or so guards, mainly volunteers, who protect the town from goblin raids from the forest, but also function as a police squad should trading disputes become an issue.   Silverstand is also under the watchful gaze of the Rangers of Darwood, an organisation dedicated to protecting the lands from the denizens of the terrible darkest reaches of the Darwood. Together with the elders of the town of Burle, the Rangers, have observed the Wild Flame Pact - a treaty that calls for mutual defence against the Darwood's horrors.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Corellon's Sanctuary
This large and impressive structure is made from a strange, almost translucent coral-like stone. The material has been imported from far-off Antaros, and is a constant reminder of home to the elves that live in Silverstand. Inside a huge chapel sits under the central dome, the pulpit in the middle of a circular congregation. Images of Corellon Larethian adorn every wall and window.   The Darbrook
The Darbrook is a slow-moving wide river than meanders through the town. It is renowned for it's trout.   The Greenslade Inn
A large inn made from natural materials, the Greenslade is renowned for the quality of it's meals, especially the haunches of venison. It is a two-storey building with large airy rooms on the upper floor. A huge boar's head sits above the main bar.   Rangers of Darwood
The elven rangers of Darwood protect the town of Silverstand and it's inhabitants from any threats from the forest. They are highly skilled trackers and woodsmen. They have a large open hall, almost like a huge barn, in the centre of the town.   Silverstand Assembly
A green timber building that houses the Assembly of Silverstand, a nominal council that decides on matters concerning both the town and the Darwood at large.   Silverstand Barracks
This large building on the edge of the town of Silverstand is one of the few stone constructions in the settlement. It houses a small militia of volunteers and a handful of rarely used cells.   The Stand
The Stand is a large open market in the woodland town of Silverstand. It sells many strange herbs and flowers harvested from the Darwood.   The Well of Light
This seemingly normal well is the focal point of a lot of pilgrims to the town. The water inside the well never seems to run out and is reputed to have healing properties and bring luck. It is dedicated to the god Ralishaz.  

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