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Cliffview Woods

This area of ancient deciduous woodland, situated north-east of Saltmarsh, covers some 150 square miles of the eastern cliff tops.   Despite it's age, the forest is vast, luminous, and flourishing. Its canopy is ruled by the boughs of beech, hornbeam and oak which permitted ample, shimmering lights to descend for an overabundance of saplings to make use of the rich grounds below.   Swooping creepers suspend from many a tree, and a mishmash of flowers, which blossom brightly, clash with the otherwise unvarying forest grounds. A variety of noises, predominantly those of animals, fill the air, and are in harmony with the occasional splashes of frogs jumping in the myriad small ponds.   Over the years the wood has been heavily used for timber and hunting. Now there is a growing strength of opinion in the nearby farms and settlements that such activities should stop to halt the shrinking of the once huge woodland. Recently lumberjacks and hunters have even been attacked.   Rumours persist of something otherworldly about the inner parts of the wood. Travellers there often return in a delirious, though happy state that persists for several days.

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