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Painted Pool

The Painted Pool is a truly unique and unusual site. A large lake of some 10 square miles at the junction of the Deep Beck and Drakenswift rivers, it is primarily noted for the many vibrant colours of it's waters, giving the impression of some abstract watercolour painting.   The strange mix of colours appears to be due to several factors. The waters of the two rivers that meet and mingle here seem to conjure some kind of chemical reaction which, as well as colouring the waters, causes brightly hued crimson and violet reeds to grow below the surface.   This strange confluence has given rise to many superstitions and tales of the Pool, which has several nicknames amongst the locals. The Witches Cauldron it is called by some, who tell takes of ancient Hags that practise magic in the waters. Olidammara's Sketchbook others call it, saying that the god Olidammara himself comes down to mix his paints in the lake. Whatever the truth the result is a place like no other.

The Painted Pool by Unknown

Alternative Name(s)
The Easel, Olidammara's Sketchbook, The Witches Cauldron
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Cover image: Lake by ZillNiazi


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