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Stormbreaker Bight

Stormbreaker Bight is a huge, long and narrow bay in the south-western Western Commonlands. It is wide at the entrance, but quickly narrows and turns, hooking around a sharp corner and ending the in shallow lake of Leger's Arm.   The waters inside the bay are unusually calm and placid. The reason for this is the Wall of Wrecks, a long reef that lurks just below the surface and stretches for almost the whole width of the bay's entrance. It protects the bay from the rough seas beyond, and is lined with a long string of well-plundered wrecks. A good local pilot would be required to safely navigate a ship through the Wall to the other side.   The northern end of the bight is defined by sheer cliff walls on which thousands of seabirds roost. The southern shore of the bay is much shallower, and forms the northern border of the Cerulean Empire. It is dotted with large, imposing watchtowers that dominate the horizon all the way to the impressive construction of Leger's Span which forms the southern boundary of the bight.   The bight is home to many varieties of animals, including a huge colony of giant crabs that lives along the Wall of Wrecks.

Stormbreaker Bight by Nachoman-au

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