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Gatimar River

The Gatimar River is a long, winding river that flows all the way from its roots in the Balnoque Spine to the coast near Burle, a distance of around 400 miles.   It is most famous for its strange red colouration, the result of the red sandstone from the foothills of the Spine, filled with iron oxide. This mineral-rich sedimentary rock is washed down the slopes when it rains and makes the water take on a distinctive red or pink tone (the exact tone depends on the volume of precipitation).   The deep red clay that can be found on the riverbed is used by the citizens of Burle to make a highly prized pottery of a strange red-gold hue.   The Gatimar is a fast-flowing river and those unused to piloting rivercraft should be wary when sailing it's course.

Gatimar River by Unknown

Alternative Name(s)
The Red River
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