Reaching across almost the entire western continent of The Azure Sea, the Drakenroute passes across over 300 miles of varying terrain.   It begins outside the village of Drakenham, high in the foothills of the Balnoque Spine, and offers incredible views of the lands below to the east, when the thick cloud cover allows at least.   Winding it's way down the hills, it continues unerringly eastwards, eventually arriving in a temperate alpine region close to the River Linnet. For much of the route the road is poorly maintained, and often has been wiped away by avalanche, flood, or rockfall. Only once the road passes the border of the Cerulean Empire, south of Linnet Spinney, does it become a well-paved and patrolled highway.   From there it runs down to Leger's Span where it meets with the Great North Road.   Despite it's huge length the Drakenroute is not a well-travelled road. There is little to tempt travellers, as few would make their way as far as Drakenham, and the dangers are many and varied in the wilderness.

The Drakenroute near Drakenham by Unknown

Alternative Names
The Dragon Route
Parent Location

Cover image: Road by Unknown


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