Bitterbloom Wood

Bitterbloom Wood is a coniferous woodland in the Western Commonlands that is bounded by the Kingfisher River and the Bitterbrook. The wood covers some 1000 square miles.   The wood seems incongruous in its age, and indeed is the remnant of a much older and larger forest. The fringes are relatively peaceful, though the residents of the nearby towns of Elry and especially Dewhallow still offer up sacrifices to the ancient spirit that they believe resides within.   The wood feels different to others in the area, with a heavy and oppressive air that grows stronger the further under its eaves that you venture, almost as if the trees themselves are barely tolerant of the intrusion.

Bitterbloom Wood by Unknown

Alternative Name(s)
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
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Cover image: Forest by Unknown


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