Baragua Island

Explorers and sailors in the Milbar Gulf report a terrifying site rising up from the sea. A huge island covered in mountains and jungle, with a huge rock shaped like the skull of some ancient titanic primate. None know whether the mountain is shaped in such a manner by the skill of humanoid hands or by the vagaries of the natural elements, but it has earned Baragua the nickname "Skull Island".   Due to terrible sight it presents the island is generally avoided. Few have stepped foot on it's shores, and not only because of the many dangerous reefs that surround the island. It remains an island of mystery, and at some 30,000 square miles in area there is plenty of space to hide in its thick jungle.   One legend about Baragua tells that it is the ancient homeland of the Tortle race, though as the race itself is considered to belong in a fairy tale, this story is not given much heed.

An artist's impression of Baragua Island by Joe DeVito

Alternative Name(s)
Skull Island
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Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning


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