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Somewhere in the rolling hills at the centre of the Dukari Plains lies an ancient amphitheatre in the fallen ruins of an unnamed city. Thousands of years old, it's exact location is kept a secret by the Allouede tribes of the Plains.   No-one seems to know when the Angaska amphitheatre was constructed, or by whom, but is a revered site in the eyes of the Allouede horse-people. The amphitheatre itself sits at the centre of a long-ruined city, of which only a few broken walls now remains. Many of the fallen walls that do remain are covered in ancient frescoes depicting horse riders engaged in various forms of competition.   The different tribes of the Allouede make an annual pilgrimage to Angaska where they all meet to discuss their own strange politics and to take part in inter-tribe competitions - horse racing, hunting, climbing and the like.

Angaska Ruins by Dennis Degnan

ca. 3500 AtD
Founding Date
Parent Location

Cover image: Ancient Sites by Unknown


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