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Koyevka, which means "cold home" in the common tongue, is the traditional wintering site of the nomadic Allouede people. The exact location of the camp is difficult to ascertain, as each spring the tents are packed up onto wagons for the annual migration of the herds. It never ends up in exactly the same place twice.   It takes almost a week for Koyevka to be properly set up. Surrounding a huge compound for the horses and cattle a massive array of nomadic tents is erected, with the warriors of the Allouede taking the outermost tents. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 tribespeople will stay in Koyevka each year.   Each tent will house a single family and is constructed in circular fashion. It is built from a wooden trellis wall, lined with pelts, and with a central roof piece held in place by two wooden poles. In-between these poles lies the fire pit of the stove allowing the smoke from the fire to exit via the hole in the central roof piece.   Over the winter months of Fireseek, Readying, and Coldeven, repairs are made, rest is taken, and preparations for the next migration are begun. The Allouede are skilled felt-makers and leatherworks, and the bulk of their work is done at Koyevka.   At night the camp can be seen from miles across the plains, as the cookfires blaze and the sound tribespeople drunk on fermented horse milk fills the air.  

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Ancient art of Koyevka by Sukhbaatar Lkhagvadorj

Alternative Name(s)
Cold home.
Camp, Temporary
Up to 10,000.
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Cover image: Camp by Marco Pulfer


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