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Trench of Areksos

Deep on the ocean floor, crossing the ridge of Trent's Channel undersea trench across Trent's Channel south of Antaros lies the scar of a huge chasm - the Trench of Areksos.   The trench starts at around 4000 feet deep, and drops suddenly to almost double that depth. It is almost half a mile across in places.   The sudden appearance of the trench amongst the swift running waters of Trent's Channel creates hazards on the surface, and a good Captain will always be on the lookout for these when their ship hits these waters.  Strange currents and sudden whirlpools form in the sea above the trench.   Deep within the trench it is said that the sunken city of the Antediluvians, Areksos, lies, broken and shattered. The remnants of this lost civilisation lay strewn about within the trench. Gargantuan edifices and walls of stone rise from what must once have been ornate palaces, but are now dead streets reclaimed by the deep ocean.

The Trench of Areksos by Nathan Chen

Chasm, Underwater
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Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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