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Panaan is more often referred to colloquially by the monikers, "The Isle of Dread" or "Journey's End". Some 50,000 square miles in size, it is a huge island surrounded by high cliffs and topped with steaming jungles and high peaks. The weather around Panaan is strange, as the seas around it appear to hold the heat of the sun more than is usual. Sailors often describe the waters around the isle as "boiling", and reports say that cool water is nowhere to be found once onshore.   Long ago, Panaan was primarily inhabited by a tribe called the Olman until an unknown catastrophe destroyed their civilization and gave the island its name. Today, the few remaining Olman live in secluded villages near the few beaches that allow safe landing.   There have been a few expeditions to the shores but none have quite been brave enough to venture further into the island, due to the overall strange and demanding climate, leaving the majority unexplored. Rumours of exotic and terrifying creatures, of "thunder lizards", cruel pirates, sea monsters, terrifying storms, and perhaps most harrowing of all, of a strange and sinister land without land, a floating graveyard of dead ships mired in a huge sargasso - all serve to keep the wary away from this strange land.   Still, such a forbidding place still conjures up thoughts of adventure in brave hearts. As well as rumours of the terrifying peril at every turn, there are also rumours of huge riches, exotic lumbers, spices and even an ancient city of the gods waiting to be discovered.

Panaan, the Isle of Dread by Unknown

Alternative Name(s)
The Isle of Dread, Journey's End
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