Crystal Reef

Sitting not far below the ocean surface between Panaan, Reidbridge, and Megaera is this large and unusual reef, some 5,000 square miles in area.   Unlike other reefs, the coral here is not marine invertbrates, but seem to be mineral in nature. They grow into huge and dazzling crystalline shapes, or a myriad colours. The hard, glass-like nature of the reef is a hazard to shipping - the crystal corals are amongst the sharpest and hardest things in the world. Due to the distance from the Cerulean Territories and the tempestuous lands roundabout, crystal coral from this reef is highly prized in the Empire.   Scholars have surmised that strange minerals emitted from The Tinderbox may cause the strange crystal growths.

Crystal Reef by Unknown

Coral Reef, Barrier
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Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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