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Milbar Gate

Deep in the waters of Milbar Gulf is a small colony of Tritons, armed and riding dolphin steeds. They are here guarding something...   Ancient buildings of water-sculpted rock, seaweed, shells, and glittering mother of pearl soar in harmonious spirals and curves up from the seafloor, and in the center of them all is a huge open gateway.   This truly magnificent underwater edifice is one of the only known barriers between The Known World and the elemental Plane of Water.   The great gateway beneath the waves glows constantly with a green-yellow light that can sometimes be seen even from the surface of the ocean, though only the brave dare to swim down and take a look.   It is patrolled at all hours by veteran Tritons, who will not let anyone approach, for they know the destruction that could be unleashed should the denizens of the Plane of Water be allowed to freely enter this realm.

The Milbar Gate by Unknown

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Cover image: The Great Deluge by Katatonia82


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