Milbar Gulf

Mirabar Gulf is a large tropical sea bounded by Baragua Island, the Drowned Jungle, the island of Panaan, and by Perial Atoll.   Some 30,000 square miles in size, it's calm turquoise waters are relatively shallow, the sandy, coral-strewn bottom reaching depths of around 600 feet. Due to the surrounding islands the wind here is weak, and sailing ships progress at only a leisurely pace.   The warm climate, clear waters and verdant islands of the Gulf make it seem like a paradise. Life abounds in the warm waters.   Yet the place holds dangers for the unwary. Dragon turtles have reportedly been seen here, and the shallow reefs are home to many varieties of shark. There are also reports that pirates ousted from the Hold of the Sea Princes have set up bases on the isolated islands of the Gulf.

Milbar Gulf by Nokuro

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