Jolbel Deep

Jolbel Deep
Jolbel Deep is the primary settlement of the Tritons in The Azure Sea. Although a few other small colonies of Tritons can be found in the world, the majority call Jolbel Deep home.   The city was built as a deterrent to the aberrant beings of the deep Shimmering Abyss that would look to invade the oceans and eventually the lands, and it stands on the edge of the Abyss.   The Tritons of Jolbel Deep are not unwelcoming, but have a poor understanding of the surface world, and assume that any visitors are here to thank them for their unending war against the horrors of the deep. They have been waging war against elemental evils and marine monsters since their genesis and believe they are owed honour and prestige for their deeds.   The society here is highly militaristic, and there are only a few among the population who are not attached to the military in some fashion.   The settlement is sprawled out upon the ocean floor and is built out of moon-white stone, with coral melded into the walls and framework of the buildings. At times, large corals and sea construction juts out as buildings themselves.   Phosphorescent lichen is used through the city, serving as general lights and as lights within homes and businesses. Schools of sea creatures also find home within the reefs on the floor of the city, and countless fish can be seen swimming around.   The Tritons are not the only inhabitants of the ancient city. Kuo Toa are also to be encountered paddling aimlessly the streets. The Tritons view them as inconsequential things.  

Notable Features and Buildings

Crystal Farms
Large pale crystals just from the rocky seabed within the city. They are mined and farmed by the Tritons that live there, and used as the basis for the construction of the moon-white stone from which the city is built.   Field of Wrecks
Wrecked ships of interest to the Tritons are brought to this large plain outside the city. Once the wrecks have been picked over for treasures or information they are left to rot, and become a coral-strewn habitat for deep-sea life.   Jolbel Guard
The Jolbel Guard, also known as the Dukars, are based in this huge tower on the edge of Jolbel Deep. They are responsible for the defence of the stronghold and for patrolling the rim of the Shimmering Abyss.   Jolbel Palace
Triton society is a patriarchal feudal system that consists of inherited noble titles. In this huge palace of moon-white stone in Jolbel Deep, the High General oversees all and manages the protection of this place. The palace is built over a huge hydrothermal vent used to smelt metals and forge their weapons.   Lair of Psukhe
In a deep, entrenched cave lives the Whisperer of the Lord of the Undersea. Psukhe is a unique, highly venerated creature of the deep sea. Kraken-like in size and appearance, but allied to the cause of the Tritons, Psukhe is said to directly whisper the words of Deep Sashelas to the leaders of the Tritons.   The Deep Forest
The Deep Forest is a huge trench within stronghold that is full of large, thick seaweed and corals. Navigating within the Forest is extremely difficult, but it is tended by Triton rangers as a habitat for a wide variety of deep-sea life.   The Great House of the Lord of the Undersea
The largest hall in Jolbel Deep is dedicated to the Lord of the Undersea, Deep Sashelas. This beautiful temple is exquisitely carved from living coral and is home to a pod of deep-sea dolphins. Tritons will make long pilgrimages to this place before setting out into the ocean on missions.   The Unplumbed Emporium
The Unplumbed Emporium is a large coral and stone building, which inside is a mass of closely-packed stalls, traders and skilled craftsmen. Here the Tritons create and trade unique goods of unearthly beauty made from the coral, scrimshaw, and bounty of the deep-sea.  

Travel Distances

All distances are approximate and via the shortest possible routes, which might not always be practical. Where a travel distance is not shown there is no connecting route possible (e.g. there is no road or waterway that links the places). The distance shown is to/from the ocean surface above Jolbel Deep.

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