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Endless Nadir

Deep below the Pit of Golgur, in the middle of the fortress of Maelstrom is the Endless Nadir, an underwater abyss - a haunted place shunned by the aquatic races of the region, for it leads to the site of a submerged city of aboleths.   Above the Nadir stands the ancient fortress of Maelstrom. Carved into a gargantuan reef, the fortress is made up of four rocky towers covered in barnacles and coral. Between these towers sits the Nadir, descending into the fortress's core.   The fortress above the Endless Nadir has changed hands many times. Originally, once a vast abolethic city, the Endless Nadir has fallen through the hands of Alugach, Tritons, and even Sahuagin. Now it is watched over by the Storm Giants.   A powerful vortex swirls above the 100-foot-deep, 180-foot-wide sinkhole on the ocean bottom. On the surface of the water, the vortex manifests as the Pit of Golgur, a wide whirlpool powerful enough to drag ships to their doom. The sinkhole has a drain at the bottom, which leads to another place...

The Endless Nadir by Josef Barto┼ł

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