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Eons ago, the city of Ascarle was built by Antarians on the northern coast of what came to be known as Nerior of Purple Rocks.   They built the city from coral and crystal from the oceans, because they venerated the god Deep Sashelas above all others. For many centuries the Antarians lived in peace in their island home, cultivating a unique style of architecture and art using the materials the ocean provided.   Unfortunately, the peace could not last forever. Jealous of the beauty of the city, Rhalyf decided to take it for his own and his followers. They sacked the city with ruthlessness, killing many of the Antarians and routing the rest. Many of the temples were desecrated, but the invaders were kept from entering his the holy temple in the subterranean layer of the city by flooding the chambers with seawater.   It was not long after that the ruined city of Ascarle was claimed by the The Great Deluge , and sank beneath the waves to be forgotten.   The ruins of Ascarle spread for miles, and have a distinctly elven feel. Little is left of the ancient city, but here and there a few remaining pieces of architecture have defied the ravages of time and tide. Much of the ruins are taken up by vast forests of seaweed, huge boulders, and the remnants of walls.

The sunken city of Ascarle. by Matthew Watts

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