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The town of Hallborough is a very remote place, surrounded by hills on the edge of Chilbury Forest. All of the inhabitants are Halflings, and they care little for the goings on in the outside world and the politics of the Big Folk.   There is very little communication outside of the town and it's outlying farms. The only real trade with the outside world is the odd wagon of Red Apple Cider sent out to Burle. Otherwise the townsfolk keep to themselves and they would like things to remain that way thank you very much!   The Halflings of Hallborough are largely farmers, though a few of them hold other professions necessary to the community. The culture within the town has much to do with land – how much you work, how much you own and what you produce.   The size (and general appearance, upkeep and such) of one’s yard is a source of great pride, with many of the families with the largest yards considered to be the wealthiest and most esteemed. They are also considered to be the most selfish, vain and proud of the bunch, but that is to be expected.   Security is provided by the Reeves, a mobile armed force of volunteers who patrol the twon and the surrounding countryside. Most of their work is involved with settling disputes between farming families, but they are occasionally called upon to protect the settlement from the bands of dire wolves or Goblins that come out of Chilbury Forest in the winter months.   The centre of community life is at The Laughing Toad tavern and the town square on which it sits. Any excuse for a party is gratefully seized by the townsfolk, and they will sing, dance, drink and play until the early hours without any excuse. The small church to Yondalla runs the tavern a distant second!  

Notable Features and Buildings

Clodio the Hunter's Home
Clodio the Hunter, lives on the edge of Hallborough, in a small burrow, and is known as a gruff and somewhat unkempt halfling about town, but a valued member of the community. This is especially true when dangerous game find their way into the region out of Chilbury Forest. He’s been known to kill prey as large as a Dire Wolf, though he mostly hunts boar, wolves and smaller game for food.   Farmers' Fields
A large variety of farming fields surrounds the outside of the town. A variety of grains used for bread, flour and brewing are grown year round. Farming is the primary employment of the town, and the farms are shared, with allotments being given to each family in the town.   Grubb Leaves
The herbalist, Hannah Grubb, lives in this tall, towered burrow on the northern side of the town. Known as gregarious and optimistic, Hannah is always happy to help a friend, and welcoming of kin and strangers alike. She spends much of her time tending her garden, mixing concoctions in her yard and studying in her home. Often asked to help with diseased crops or strange illnesses, she is one of the only people in town credited with proficiency with art of the Weave.   Hallborough Stores
The Hallborough Stores serves the farming community in town. Anything from a spare hoe head to a large block of cheese can be purchased at the store. Almost all of the goods here are made in or close to the town itself. Trade with far-off towns is virtually non-existent apart from the odd wagon exporting Red Apple Cider.   Hallborough Wrights
Mosco Bilberry, the woodwright of Hallborough, has a small workshop located in the centre of the town. It comprises a small house with a work area to ply his trade and provide the villagers with his much-needed services. Doors, ploughs, tables, chairs – there’s an endless supply of work for his skill.   The Laughing Toad
The Laughing Toad Brewery and Inn is located right in the centre of Hallborough, in the town square. It is the centre of most community activity. Tables and chairs are arranged in the square outside for the entire town and neighbouring farming families to come and enjoy festivals, celebrations and joyous events. The Inn offers warmth, comfort and their famous Red Apple Cider.   Mayor's Burrow
Mayor Reolus Oakbottom lives in this large series of interconnected burrows, located in the northwest part of Hallborough. It takes up one of the nicest plots of land, the largest homes, and his prized possession, two horses – a rarity in this area. He often rides his white horse about town, chatting with the villagers and issuing orders to anyone within earshot. Self important and vain, the Mayor always likes to be recognized for his achievements and held in high esteem by the people.   Meadow's Smithy
Athalia Meadow owns and runs this small smithy in the town. Athalia is always willing and able to help shod a horse, repair farm equipment and provide the handful of hunters, reeves and adventurers with an assortment of sharp blades and (mostly halfling-sized) armours.   The Millpond
This large stretch of deep water on the southern edge of Hallborough is used by the community as a place of rest and relaxation. Fishing is the most common kind of endeavour here. There are a few boats, but it is a particularly brave kind of Halfling that leaves the shore.   Puddlefoot Stable
This large stable and it's paddocks take up much of the eastern side of Hallborough. The ponies that are bred here, mainly for farm work rather than riding, are particularly hardy, if not fast.   Reeves' House
This large building is one of the only stone buildings in the town. It houses the town guards, the Reeves, as well as a small cell and a training area out the back. The Reeves patrol the town and the surrounding hills, and pay particular attention to the great Chilbury Forest to the northwest, in whose depths dark things lurk.   Underloch Orchard
This large orchard, is a large plot of land sitting on the southern slopes of the largest hill surrounding Hallborough. It is owned by a wealthy farmer, Griffon Underloch, who has turned his good fortune into a profitable business and the primary supplier of apples to the tavern, as well as to the farming communities. Proud and haughty, the Underloch family is both envied and loathed for their position, wealth and good fortune in business.   Yondalla's Chapel
Chapel is probably too grandiose a term for this small set of buildings in the town of Hallborough. It is a place of worship nonetheless, and regular services to the Nuturing Matriach Yondalla are held here on Safedays, when bounties of food are offered to the goddess.  

Travel Distances

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Hallborough by Roger Garland

Founding Date
ca. 4600 AtD
ca. 2,500
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