Northern Reaches

The Northern Reaches is a vast landmass that makes up the northern coastlines of The Azure Sea.   It is a truly massive area with many different ecologies and environments, and stretches from Farbarrow in the far west to the eastern boughs of the Kaszur Jungle, covering some 405,000 square miles.   There is no ruling organisation here, and never has been, at least far as anyone knows. There are many, many different settlements and factions to be encountered however. The Northern Reaches are a true wilderness, and much of it remains unmapped and unexplored. The single largest faction is probably the Cholto Territory ruled over by the Lizardfolk of Hool Marshes.   The northern coasts are bounded by tall mountain ranges, the ground falling down towards to the south and The Azure Sea. In the west of the region the climate can be cold and harsh, especially in the winter months. The further east one travels the warmer and more humid the climate becomes, until the jungles and steppes of the Kaszur are reached.   There are many tales of the Northern Reaches told in the taverns of the Western Commonlands, most of them serving as warnings to travellers to steer clear. The Cerulean Empire had a difficult time during the Teraknian Augmentation, and their supply lines were severely disrupted by raids as they were strung out along the southern coast.   Some of the tales about the Reaches include rumours of the ruins of a vast and ancient empire, that the remains of an Ancient Titan can be found fallen near the Hool Marshes, and that a city of dragons lies hidden in the mountains of Udrek Bay.

The Northern Reaches by Unknown

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The Wildlands. The North.
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