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Želeka is a small isolated town on the banks of the Penbel River in the Northern Reaches.   It is a rarely visited, insular community, the single road leading into it being poorly maintained and seldom travelled.   The town itself is remarkably pretty, like something out of an old picture book, with well-tended gardens of unusually coloured flowers and vines.   Baron Urošević is the nominated leader of the town, but there appears to be little in the way of an organised community, unless you count the town guards known as the Jinxed. Things happen spontaneously here, from social gathering, to parties and religious ceremonies.   Želeka has unusually clement weather. The few travellers who have passed through remember a place of happy contentment where time passes slowly and rarely a sharp word is heard.  

Notable Features and Buildings

The Bone Gallery
This large rustic building in the centre of the town houses a grand airy hall that serves as a museum and art gallery. The wooden frame of the building has been carved to resemble the bones of some huge creature, giving the impression of wandering through a ribcage of immense size. The gallery contains many wondrous works of art, most of which show an imaginative and dreamy style.   Baron's Hall
Baron Urošević resides in this large mansion house to the north of the town, on the banks of the Penbel River. The Baron is a large, hirsute man renowned in the village for his love of drink, dance and song.   Clairyd Stables
This small stable serves the town of Želeka. It is unusual in that many of the mounts appear to be giant geese of a strange kind not seen elsewhere. A half-elf called Nebula Sugarthistle runs the establishment.   Court of the Jinxed
The Jinxed are the town guard of the remote settlement. Their barracks in town is a nondescript looking house, only marked out by the symbol of a silver willow tree carved into the front door.   Deepen Pond
A large pond in the village. The waters of the pond are incredibly still, despite a small tributary of the Penbel flowing into it. This stillness is attributed to the great depth of the pond. Large fish of strange rainbow colours can be caught here.   The Dusk Market
The Dusk Market is well named, for it only trades during the hour of dusk. The small stores here sell a wide variety of unusual things that would be hard to find elsewhere. Most are seemingly crafted trinkets of great beauty, if little monetary worth.   Farms
The town is bounded to the north and west by a series of large arable farms that are owned and tended by the community as a whole. They grow a variety of vegetables and vines, all of which grow into strange twisted shapes, but form delicious foodstuffs.   Halls of Verenestra
Part church, part open garden, this huge wooden building is open to the sky for the most part. This hall of worship is haphazardly arranged, with tree stumps serving as seats in an apparent random array. In the centre of the space a huge silver birch tree has been carved into the likeness of a sylph-like, slim, barefooted woman wearing small strips of cloth to hide her modesty.   Penbel River
The Penbel River flows from the northern reaches of the Balnoque Spine, and issues out into the waters of The Azure Sea near the remote town of Želeka. It is known locally as the "bubbling river" due to the many whitecaps that foam the water, even along placid stretches with little wind.   The Strey inn
This large tavern on the mouth of the Penbel River is owned by the Streynor family of Half-Elves. It is dominated by a large stage that is bounded by deep red velvet curtains. The furnishings are all natural wood and seem to have been grown into their current shapes. There is no accommodation, but the food and drink are excellent.  

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