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Hool Marshes

The Hool Marshes are a huge expanse of wetland that cover much of the Northern Reaches of the world.   Largely unmapped and unexplored, the swamps are a difficult place to traverse. Paths twist and amongst forests of dead trees, and the ground underfoot is treacherous. Much of the land is made up of floating islands of thick tussock that slowly drift with the unknown currents, meaning travellers may awake to find their camp is no longer in the same spot that they set it up the night before. All the time the mosquitos swarm and bite.   The marshes are formed by a huge confluence of rivers that run down from the mountains to the north and west, and the hills to the east. They collect and mingle in the huge basin of the swampland, slowly making their way into The Azure Sea. Closer to the coast there are several huge salty lakes.   The Marshes really come alive at night. Strange sounds and howls issue from the innards of the quagmire, and odd, flickering lights can be seen between the clouds of fog. Huge creatures can be heard moving between the waterways and trees.   The only known civilisation to flourish here is that of the Lizardfolk, who's main settlement of Izo Chuat hides somewhere in the deepest reaches of the marsh.   The heart of the Hool Marshes is sometimes referred to as Memorial Mire, though none remember why.

Hool Marshes by Vadim Petrakov

Alternative Name(s)
The Great Morass. Memorial Mire.
Wetland / Swamp
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Included Locations

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