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Kaszur Jungle

This huge, lush mountain jungle spreads across the north-eastern parts of the Northern Reaches, it's many rivers running down the foothills and through the Kaszur Plains into The Azure Sea. Huge trees tower above sheer mountainous crevasses, lush with brightly coloured birds and thick hanging vines, sparkling waterfalls tumble hundreds of feet, and the canopy keeps the jungle floor shaded with occasional shafts of light.   Much of the Kaszur remains unexplored, it's steep mountainous slopes and thick underbrush making any progress difficult. Many of the jungle table mountains near the centre of the forest have never been explored, and isolated for centuries, have developed their own unique ecologies.   Whilst hot, the jungle is not particularly humid, most of the water being drawn down to the south.   The Kaszur Jungle is home to numerous species of tropical flora and fauna. Many dangerous fungi, colonial life, plants, and vermin dwell in the Kaszur as well. The few expeditions that have visited have logged such strange life as the green and olive slime, yellow mold, obliviax moss, violet fungus, gas spores, phycomids, giant sundew, mantrap, pitcher plants, and gutworms. Several more fearsome creatures also make their homes there, though their true nature can only be guessed at.   Though generally thought to be uninhabitable, rumours persist of a strange tribe that dwells in the highest peaks of the jungle.

Kaszur Jungle by 4045

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The Green Peaks
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