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Dukari Plains

The Dukari Plains are called the Great Grass Sea by the Allouede people who inhabit them. Flat for miles, with several huge rivers flowing through them, there are few landmarks by which to get one's bearing. The ground rises slowly to the east until the plains reach the grass-covered hills of the coastline.   The Dukari Plains cover an area of some 101,000 square miles, a truly huge ocean of grass and steppe. In places the grass is short and tussocky, in others it is so high that it completely hides the movement of some of the great beasts of the plains from view.   Huge herds of horses, bison, and other, stranger creatures make their home in the Plains, migrating to fresh grass and visiting the rivers and their tributaries for water. There are large predators on the plains too, following the herds and taking what they need. Life is bountiful here.   Amongst the wilderness, the nomadic Allouede marshal great herds of horses, both tending and revering them. There are no great towns or cities that are known in the Dukari Plains, only the irregularly-used camp of Koyevka.

Dukari Plains by Unknown

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The Grass Sea.
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