Marlcroft Holm

One of the largest islands under the control of the Hold of the Sea Princes at some 3,250 square miles, Marlcroft Holm is still largely a tropical wilderness. The main centre of civilisation on the island is the pirate town of Milford.   The western arm of the island is characterised by rolling grasslands and low, green hills with little cover, but the bulk of the mainland comprises a verdant landscape of tropical jungle, with powdery beaches to the south. It makes a perfect place for pirates and freebooters to hide their secrets and treasures, with many hidden coves.   There is rumoured to be a hidden city of the Kenku somewhere on the isle, and indeed the bird-folk do seem numerous here.

Hideout on Marlcroft Holm by Daniel Alekow

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Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning
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