Middlescier Skerry

The island of Middlescier Skerry is the centre of power for the Hold of the Sea Princes, which has it's base in the free city of Monmurg, at the northern end of the isle.   Sharp reefs protect the harbour from the worst of the ocean storms, and require experienced pilots to navigate.   The beaches of the northern parts of the island are covered in rough camps of myriad pirate crews. Ships are hauled up onto the sand for careening, and at night the crews mingle and party, sharing food and provender for large cauldrons of bouillabaisse that are constantly being cooked under the eaves of the palm trees.   The island, which is around 450 square miles in size, is less populated in the south, though the many coves and sea caves are commonly inhabited by various pirate ships and their crews.   The trees of the island are populated with wild monkeys and parrots, but even here there are small communities of pirate folk dotted around.

Careening ships on Middlescier Skerry by Louis Le Breton

Alternative Name(s)
Pirate Island.
Location under
Owning Organization

Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning


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