Shepherd of the Sea Princes (a.k.a. The Pirate King.)

Hammandaturian is the leader of the Hold of the Sea Princes, and is based in the pirate city of Monmurg on the island of Middlescier Skerry. None know his family name, possibly not even Hammandaturian himself.   The Shepherd first rose to prominence some 20 years ago. Initially as first-mate on the ship of the infamous Savage Grayson, Hammandaturian's name quickly became a byword for efficient and callous raids on Imperial shipping. it was not long before he won his first Galleon, The Revenger, reportedly in a game of Ringing the Bull.   During his travels, along with the incredible amount of power he had gathered, Hammandaturian also gathered up a significant amount of treasures.   Then in 5760 AtD he was captured by the Imperial Navy and transported to the jails under Castle Teraknian. He is reportedly still the only person known to have escaped those cells, amongst the most well-guarded in the Empire. However he achieved this feat (rumours vary from seducing the Emperor's daughter Aveline Jehen, to fighting his way out with an improvised knife), it has become something of a legend amongst the pirates of the Hold of the Sea Princes.   It was not long after that Hammandaturian began his rapid rise to the top of the Sea Princes. Via a mixture of violence, threats and some of his opponents disappearing under unusual circumstances he eventually slew the pirate queen Concetta in single combat, and inherited her position and The Flock, her network of spies.  

Appearance and Mannerisms

Hammandaturian is a tall and imposing figure with a rakish grace. He is a flamboyant soul and likes to paint his beard in shades of bright blue and green to resemble a chaotic sea. He wears bright colours - purples and reds are particular favourites.   Hammandaturian's left hand is missing and has been replaced with an ornate hook of solid gold. His tricorn hat is tall and covered in gold gilt.   He is often accompanied by his pet capuchin monkey Kearne, on whom he dotes.  

Notable Achievements

Becoming leader of the Hold of the Sea Princes is notable enough, but there are many tales of Hammandaturian's achievements as a pirate in his youth.   Examples include his having survived for five months after being stranded on an uncharted island in the Milbar Gulf, defeating the infamous Carcharion Captain Tornfin, and stealing the Glass Sceptre of Ochuxaz.

Leader of the piratical Sea Princes.

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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of the Hold of the Sea Princes. The Shepherd.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
5732 AtD 54 Years old
6' 1"
188 lbs
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

Cover image: Characters by Tyler Jacobson
Character Portrait image: Hammandaturian by Gustavo Pelissari


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