Shepherd of the Sea Princes

The Shepherd of the Sea Princes is the self-proclaimed ruler of the piratical organisation.   Hammandaturian currently holds the role, but it is a risky title to own, heavy with the requirement to re-enforce one's right to it from time to time.   Officially a hereditary rank, it is passed on to one nominated by the current holder at the moment of their passing, whether they be a blood relation or not. More commonly it is passed on when the current holder is officially challenged to a duel which they then go on to lose. Loss of the title often means expulsion or death.   One of the first responsibilities of a new Shepherd is to re-write the Pirates' Code┬áto reflect their beliefs and personality. This becomes the basis of the rule of law and order under their stewardship.   For now Hammandaturian seems well liked by the crews of the Sea Princes.
Self proclaimed
Form of Address
Aye aye Cap'n!
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Organizations

Cover image: History by Nando Castoldi


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