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Reidbridge is a large and mountainous tropical island in The Southern Chain, named for the explorer Jack Reidbridge, who was marooned here for three years.   The island covers an area of around 7,000 square miles. The western areas of the island are fertile grasslands which rise to low rolling hills. The eastern lands are dominated by tall mountains of black volcanic rock. Whilst there are no longer any active volcanoes on Redibridge, the fertility of the land is due to lava flows of ages past, which shaped the hills around.   During his time on the island Jack Reidbridge survived due to two main factors. First, a unique kind of ground-growing nut, the Apion Nut, that served as a handy and plentiful source of food. The second, and most vital factor, was the discovery of a colony of strange bird-like humanoids living in high perches amongst the black peaks of the mountains.   These Aarakocra, as they call themselves, are an extremely insular species, but for whatever reason they offered the stranded Reidbridge shelter and aid. Yet, so rare and seldom encountered are they that many believe Redibridge's tales to be the stuff of fancy.

Reidbridge by Jonathan De Vos

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