Smithsgate Isle

Smithsgate Isle is an apparently featureless, grassy and hilly island in The Southern Chain archipelago, some 350 square miles in size.   It is entirely unremarkable, except for a series of gigantic, ancient statues placed at seemingly random locales upon the isle and in the waters around the coast.   The statues are carved from some white stone that still has yet to be identified, inlaid with a variety of blue and gold veins, and some of them are well over 100 feet tall. They appear to be incredibly old, but who placed them here, and for what purpose is a complete mystery.   Some say they are relics of the Antediluvians and their gods. Others suggest they were left by some alien species in ages long past. All agree it is best to leave them alone, and therefore Smithsgate is rarely visited.   So far around a dozen individual statues have been found, though there may be more.

An ancient statue on Smithsgate Isle by Randi Sánchez Verduga

Statues on Smithsgate Isle by Unknown

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Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning


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