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Tamquet is a place of superstition and strange rituals. It is a large and lush tropical island in the The Southern Chain, under the control of the Hold of the Sea Princes.   It covers some 5,000 square miles. The northernmost half of the island is covered in thick tropical jungle, whilst the south is made up of grassy, rolling dunes. At night the dunes erupt with sand fleas.   The island is known as the Isle of Ghosts, for it is the place where the Vodun come to speak and bargain with the dead. It is said that the forests in the north of the island are awash with the unsettled souls of dead sailors and pirate spirits. Strange, unsettling totems ring the forests, in an effort to ward off these restless spirits.   Many of the so-called deck-wizards are from Tamquet.

Tamquet by Unknown

A Vodun Totem as displayed in Keymouth University by Igor Gadreaud

Alternative Name(s)
The Isle of Ghosts
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Cover image: Island by Michael Dunning


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