The Hecatae

The Hecatae is the name of a chain of three islands covered in giant, highly active volcanoes, that lies between the Calacian Maw and The Great Deep.   The islands are named for the three largest peaks on each island: Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto.   Each island is covered in ash and steam. Nothing green grows amongst the Hecatae, and they pump huge clouds into the sky at all hours. Huge gouts of fire spurt up at irregular intervals, throwing out massive chunks of steaming rock that splash down into the ocean. This is not a place that shipping visits often, and it has little reason to do so.   The great dragon Cledrath is said to have a nest somewhere in the isles.

The Hecatae by John Lyons

Alternative Name(s)
The Three Sisters, The Fates
Location under
Included Locations

Cover image: Volcano by Sebastián Crespo


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