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Arrecife Implacable

At around 3,500 square miles, Arrecife Implacable is one of the largest islands in The Southern Chain. Low beaches and lake-dotted grasslands in the west slowly rise to hills covered in thick tussock grass that stand before tall black mountains.   The island is famously hostile to those who would explore it's interior. Large predatory animals hunt the grasslands, and wyverns roost in the hills that overlook them. Arrecife Implacable is a beautiful wilderness best left untouched by civilised hands - there are few resources here worth fighting for.   Visitors still make their way to he island from time to time however, drawn by the rumours that it is the home of the Oracle of Hestavar, a strange being said to have the powers of foretelling and divination. No-one can agree on what or who the Oracle really is, though none doubt as to her mystical abilities.

Arrecife Implacable by Martyna S

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