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Perial Atoll

Perial Atoll is a huge coral atoll in the east of The Azure Sea. It is so large that it resembles the flooded cone of a giant, long dormant volcano rising from the ocean floor. Many scholars believe that this is in actual fact the truth of the matter, though if so it must have been the largest volcano in The Known World by far.   Whilst the waters outside the atoll are clear and shallow, with an average depth of only 50 feet, the waters inside the "cone" are much deeper, reaching several hundred feet down in parts.   A huge variety of animal life flourishes in the verdant tropical forests that cover the atoll. The island is particularly known for the Perial Tree Crab, as its flesh is a highly-prized delicacy in the best eateries of the Cerulean Empire.   Yet Perial Atoll is widely avoided, for it is a place of mystery and rumour. It is certainly true that the Atoll has caused more than it's fair share of wrecks, and that strange mist sometimes rolls down the sides of the Atoll from the crater within, covering the ocean for miles around with a thick white cloud.   Sightings of both Kraken and Alugach have been reported in the area, and rumours persist that the coral city of the Sea Elves, Limuthys can be found in the region.   Jutting up from a rocky island to the south of the Atoll is a stone sea tower, known as the Sea Tower of Doqille, just one of several strange structures that are dotted around the Atoll. Many have speculated as to the purpose of the tower, and why lights have been reported at the top of the tower in recent years. Dark rumours also abound of requests for pirates and slavers to bring children not more than one month from the womb to the Sea Tower of Doqille, where they are apparently rewarded greatly for their squealing cargo.   For these reasons amongst others, the Atoll is said to be cursed by many captains, who will not sail within 20 leagues of the place.

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